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Jersey Trees for Life

Jersey Trees for Life, formerly Men of the Trees is the local charity for the protection and care of trees in Jersey. We are deeply concerned about the environment and the threat to it through development so we are happy to be able to help JTFL in any way. If you would like to help […]

Google PLAs – The Pros and Cons

Google’s new PLAs or Product Listing Ads to you and me, are the latest addition to the Google paid advertising stable. Managed through your Adwords account they present image ads, not unlike image results, at or near the top of your search results page. Trouble is that due to this similarity they tend to intercept organic traffic […]

WordPress – The Missing Links

If you have recently installed or upgraded your version of WordPress to 3.5 or above, it is possible that you find yourself with no link manager. Well you are not going mad – as I thought I was, it just seems that WordPress had decided to remove the link manager from the core process – […]

EU Cookie Directive – Revolt

At last! Someone has had the common sense to stand up and point out the stupidity of the EU Cookie Directive. Posted via Silktide has created a website directed entirely at turning itself in to the ICO: The site even has a link to the official complaints form to make it easier to file a […]

I am the Law

Enforcing unwanted EU laws – The Information Commission Office (ICO) doesn’t have a team in place to investigate complaints of failing to notify users of Cookie use – I think what they need is a gifted programmer to write something and a well thought out, sensible system of automation which can detect whether there is […]

Website Design & Production

Red Adair – the famous Texas Oil Rig Fire Fighter once said “You can have it done quick, cheap, or good – pick two”. It still stands true today in many things and Websites are no exception , except no matter what, we never do anything that isn’t good.