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Easy Office

The concept of cubicle offices is really getting popular now and taking that one step further is Easy Office which allows you to get an office for as little as two weeks and for up to 20 desks in London or Manchester. The good thing about this is its great for short term projects – […]

Location in Google search

Changes are happening faster and faster at Google and the needle has moved a notch closer towards the commercial end of the philanthropic/commercial gauge today with Google announcing  that their search is now even more location sensitive. Over the next couple of weeks you will you will have appear in the left column your auto-detected location along […]

Premium WordPress themes

We build sites using WordPress for our clients, its quick and easy and gives great results fast but for you DIY fans heres something often too quickly overlooked: Premium themes. There are thousands of free wordpress themes out there but for a small amount of money – less than a hundred quid or so, you […]