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Magento Slow Admin

If you have Magento, whilst you may love the system, you will probably find admin is sometimes so slow you may dive out of the window in frustration. Editing products is a good example; open, wait, edit, wait, save, wait, wait, wait…. The obvious solution is to beef up the servers, or switch to a […]

Premium WordPress themes

We build sites using WordPress for our clients, its quick and easy and gives great results fast but for you DIY fans heres something often too quickly overlooked: Premium themes. There are thousands of free wordpress themes out there but for a small amount of money – less than a hundred quid or so, you […]

Google Multiple logins

What a coincidence! On the day I complain that signing in to accounts with Google can be a pain in the **** I hear they have released a multiple login feature. There are a few restrictions but it saves bouncing between browsers – read more here in this blog post, or to set it up […]

Google Wave dropped

Well there is a surprise – after so much hope for Wave, take up has been underwhelming and its been dumped by Google. We found it pretty useful to share and monitor jobs between ourselves and clients, but the one problem that i found, and this may have something to do with it, was registering […]


We need to know we can rely on hosting companies that we use for our clients. Mediatemple is the first of our recommendations – they’re not expensive, have a logical, clear, and comprehensive interface, and very good customer service.