Affiliate marketing

Affiliates are websites which can promote your site on the internet. In return they earn commission on the business they drive to you.

And affiliates come in many shapes and forms; Price Comparison sites, Discount Code sites, Special Interest sites, Blogs, Shopping Directories. In fact just about any busy site that is relevant to your site can act as an affiliate.

The critical thing (for you) with affiliates is that they operate with defined costs. You set the commission and they get paid if they produce a sale. The critical thing for the affiliate is that your website works well, so they earn money for driving traffic to your site. You can learn a lot very quickly from your affiliates.

Depending on the type of your business, affiliates can be a very effective and efficient sales channel, playing different roles at different stages of your Company’s growth; helping establishing a business in it’s infancy perhaps, or expanding into new territories. Affiliates are normally operated through independent third party networks who track traffic and manage commission payments and allow you to reach the greatest number of potential affiliates possible.

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