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web hosting

Award Winning Web Hosting

If you are managing your own website the biggest single thing to consider is hosting. Hosting is vital to your reputation and image on the web as it affects everything your site does. Slow, or unreliable hosting will lose you rankings, unmanaged or poorly organised hosting could lose you your site. DreamHost provides choices of […]


BigCommerce E-commerce website builder

How to decide which ecommerce website builder to use? One very competitive option for the serious ecommerce store is BigCommerce. Bigcommerce provides a securely hosted ecommerce platform designed for modern, multi-channel, multi-platform, socialised website. Starting with a flexible, completely customisable website builder, including a migration feature for existing sites, marketplace integration with Amazon, ebay, Etsy, […]

Google Apps for business free trial

G-Suite Google Apps for Business

Get Gmail, Docs, Drive, and Calendar for business. Everything you need to do your best work, together in one package that works seamlessly from your computer, phone or tablet. Use the paid version of gmail to use your own domains with the security of gmail whilst using your own mail client like Outlook, plus additional […]

Google Apps for Work Promotion Code 20% Discount

Sign up to Google Apps for work using a promotion code and get 20% the price for the first year! Here is the first promo code: Goofle Apps for work allows you to utilise gmail properly with your own domain name emails and whatever mail client you want as well as having super secure web […]

freshdesk free customer support software

Freshdesk Customer Support software

Freshdesk – Fresh by name, fresh by nature! A very slick customer services platform with my favourite thing – a free level so you can decide for yourself if you like it and it does what you need. Setting up is simple – set up your helpdesk email address with FD, enter Twitter credentials if […]