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Adwords for Jersey business

Free Google Adwords Trial worth £120 – Well, half price really

The latest offer for new users to try Google Adwords is a £120 credit when you spend £120. So, its a “twofer” or a two-fer-one as they’d say. Certainly makes your introduction to Adwords more attractive and gives you a really good opportunity to see how Adwords can benefit you.

News: Cookies

Google and Facebook have been the high profile perpetrators of privacy gaffs in the past 12 months but thats because they are the biggest, most visible entities, guilty, it would seem, of a rather laissez faire approach to the use of [our] personal information. Less obvious, but more complicit are the advertising networks [baddies] who […]

Location in Google search

Changes are happening faster and faster at Google and the needle has moved a notch closer towards the commercial end of the philanthropic/commercial gauge today with Google announcing  that their search is now even more location sensitive. Over the next couple of weeks you will you will have appear in the left column your auto-detected location along […]

Google Multiple logins

What a coincidence! On the day I complain that signing in to accounts with Google can be a pain in the **** I hear they have released a multiple login feature. There are a few restrictions but it saves bouncing between browsers – read more here in this blog post, or to set it up […]