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DIY – Theme Designs

Want to maintain or build your own website? You can buy designs or “themes” for your WordPress, Magento, Ghost or HTML website from Themeforest. They have thousands of designs and plugins at affordable prices and using templates isn’t the cop-out it used to be considered – after all, why pay thousands for a web designer to do […]

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Website Design in Jersey

Website design these days can often be considered reinventing the wheel – there are so many options for pre-built themes, designs, pages, apps, so we tend to do a mixture. Sometimes we buy designs off the shelf and customise them, other times we create bespoke designs, it all depends on the customers’ needs. Based in […]

Photography for websites

A common problem when running your website or social media campaign page is getting really good images. We can do fast, cost effective photoshoots covering key activities and subjects that will portray your business effectively and stylishly to use for decorative images on your site, facebook, or blog pages. Shoots take an average of a […]