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Award Winning Web Hosting

If you are managing your own website the biggest single thing to consider is hosting. Hosting is vital to your reputation and image on the web as it affects everything your site does. Slow, or unreliable hosting will lose you rankings, unmanaged or poorly organised hosting could lose you your site. DreamHost provides choices of […]

freshdesk free customer support software

Freshdesk Customer Support software

Freshdesk – Fresh by name, fresh by nature! A very slick customer services platform with my favourite thing – a free level so you can decide for yourself if you like it and it does what you need. Setting up is simple – set up your helpdesk email address with FD, enter Twitter credentials if […]

DIY – Theme Designs

Want to maintain or build your own website? You can buy designs or “themes” for your WordPress, Magento, Ghost or HTML website from Themeforest. They have thousands of designs and plugins at affordable prices and using templates isn’t the cop-out it used to be considered – after all, why pay thousands for a web designer to do […]

Webtools: livechat

“All of this has happened before, and it will all happen again.” Prize for the source of that quote! But its true, customer service appeared to change with the internet and shopping on line, and we all thought the high streets, and buying face to face in shops was doomed. But as internet businesses grow […]