Marketing your website on the internet

Advertising and marketing your business on-line.


Or Search Engine Optimisation. The single most important consideration when constructing a website and creating content. This is what defines your search engine rankings (the position of your website in search engine results). We make sure that your website and content is structured in such a way that it will perform as well as possible in search results. more about SEO


Pay per click PPC

PPC Ad-icon

Pay-per-Click – The instant, tactical source of traffic to your site. See Pay-per-click advertising on Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Bing and shopping and price comparison sites. PPC has great potential to attract large volumes of traffic and is absolutely controllable.


PPC Doctor PPC marketing

We not only advise, create and manage Pay-per-click campaigns, we rescue them too – PPC Doctor service rescues and revives ailing or badly behaving campaigns. more about PPC

PPC is the most controllable way to get instant results for your website – and at the same time gain tremendous insights into what your customers may want …



Affiliates are other websites that promote your website and in return receive commission on sales from customers they have sent to you. We work closely with affiliate networks to promote our merchants (thats you) to affiliate sites. Affiliates generally only earn commission on sales so they offer another traffic channel with easily defined and controllable cost structures. more about affiliate marketing