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Copyblogger discount code

Copyblogger WordPress theme prices are going up soon, so here’s a chance to get your WordPress theme at the original price or less if you use the discount code: TEN Select themes here:┬áStudioPress Pro Plus All-Theme Package

WordPress 3.3 Released

WordPress 3.3 Codename “Sonny” has been launched today with lots of new features: drag and drop media importer, new flyout menus, toolbar, ipad touchscreen friendlyness, new contextual help, new-feature pointers and tumblr importer. Test install any minute now, so fingers crossed…. Yes, we are now running on 3.3! Obviously I backed up everything first, and […]

Premium WordPress themes

We build sites using WordPress for our clients, its quick and easy and gives great results fast but for you DIY fans heres something often too quickly overlooked: Premium themes. There are thousands of free wordpress themes out there but for a small amount of money – less than a hundred quid or so, you […]