I am the Law

Enforcing unwanted EU laws – The Information Commission Office (ICO) doesn’t have a team in place to investigate complaints of failing to notify users of Cookie use – I think what they need is a gifted programmer to write something and a well thought out, sensible system of automation which can detect whether there is an opt-in message, contact the website automatically, handle follow up checks and then if that fails – notify the vast team of people who will be appointed responsible for enforcing all of this pointless nonsense at a massive cost to the UK tax payer because we have to be European homogeneous.

So, we should be alright for the time being.

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I just went to the ICO website to check they had a cookie opt in notice and their homepage had a redirect loop error haha. You can, however see the Cookie Page here – and it does have an opt in notice – although it looks like a French plumber did it.

Looking at what they [ICO] say it seems perfectly acceptable to go down the “Implied Consent” route, which kind of proves how pointless it all is, just prominently include proper details in your Ts and Cs.