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Google Apps for business free trial

G-Suite Google Apps for Business

Get Gmail, Docs, Drive, and Calendar for business. Everything you need to do your best work, together in one package that works seamlessly from your computer, phone or tablet. Use the paid version of gmail to use your own domains with the security of gmail whilst using your own mail client like Outlook, plus additional […]

Gym Club

Gym Club, our latest project offers a “Pay as you go” Membership for Exclusive Gyms & Spas. This was a collaboration, with us doing the website development and Mallet Crane, very talented designers here in Jersey, doing the design. Gym Club is a marvellous concept allowing members to buy passes to participating gyms and spas […]

EU Cookie Directive – Revolt

At last! Someone has had the common sense to stand up and point out the stupidity of the EU Cookie Directive. Posted via Silktide has created a website directed entirely at turning itself in to the ICO: The site even has a link to the official complaints form to make it easier to file a […]

I am the Law

Enforcing unwanted EU laws – The Information Commission Office (ICO) doesn’t have a team in place to investigate complaints of failing to notify users of Cookie use – I think what they need is a gifted programmer to write something and a well thought out, sensible system of automation which can detect whether there is […]

Website Design & Production

Red Adair – the famous Texas Oil Rig Fire Fighter once said “You can have it done quick, cheap, or good – pick two”. It still stands true today in many things and Websites are no exception , except no matter what, we never do anything that isn’t good.

Photography for websites

A common problem when running your website or social media campaign page is getting really good images. We can do fast, cost effective photoshoots covering key activities and subjects that will portray your business effectively and stylishly to use for decorative images on your site, facebook, or blog pages. Shoots take an average of a […]

Adwords Express

Adwords Express is the new “light” service Google is pushing to enhance the benefits of local paid advertising for business. It is a super simple version of Adwords, and is almost completely automated. Set up takes a few minutes and it is specifically for local business advertising. We are currently offering £50 credit vouchers for […]