WordPress – The Missing Links

If you have recently installed or upgraded your version of WordPress to 3.5 or above, it is possible that you find yourself with no link manager. Well you are not going mad – as I thought I was, it just seems that WordPress had decided to remove the link manager from the core process – unless, as in the case of an upgrade,  you had links in place already.

If, like me and most of my clients, you rely on links as an integral part of your website you can reinstate links by installing a plug in link manager available from the WordPress website here which does the job pretty much as before. A “Links” section will appear on your dashboard, and a “links” widget becomes available for your sidebars.

It is a beta version right now (at time of writing) so always take the usual precautions. I have installed it and it worked fine, as long as I didn’t try adding link images, where in it screwed up the right column nicely.

Of course, if you are upgrading – just make sure you have created some links beforehand.

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