Gym Club

Gym Club, our latest project offers a “Pay as you go” Membership for Exclusive Gyms & Spas. This was a collaboration, with us doing the website development and Mallet Crane, very talented designers here in Jersey, doing the design.

Gym Club is a marvellous concept allowing members to buy passes to participating gyms and spas and so appreciate the full benefits of being a member without often expensive longer term commitment. This caters for a variety of customer types and broadens the net by expanding the potential market for exclusive venues into the area of those that do not want to commit to a single gym or spa. So now, those that might be put off by commitment, or visitors, or “faders”* can join Gym Club to either try a variety of gyms, or access gyms in whatever locations gym club operates, or if they lose interest, simply halt their subscription and return, if they want to, at a later date.

In addition, Gym Club participating venues can market to Gym Club members with exclusive peripheral offers, so adding an extra strata to the marketing activities for the larger business picture.

*faders – Start with best intentions (eg: after Christmas excess) but then gradually lose interest.

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